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DECEMBER 5, 2019

Competition: It Takes What It Takes

Mr. Moawad  is a top mental conditioning coach—”the world’s best brain trainer” (Sports Illustrated)—who has transformed the lives and careers of elite athletes, business leaders, and military personnel, battle-tested strategies that will give you tools to manage and overcome negativity and achieve any goal.

Trevor Moawad, Founder, Moawad Consulting Group and Limitless Minds


JUNE 14, 2019

Commercialization of University Intellectual Property

Mr. McCusker discussed how and why the University of Arizona is bringing to market intellectual property developed at the University of Arizona.

Fletcher McCusker, Chief Executive Officer, UAVenture Capital


JUNE 6, 2019

What is Blockchain?

Messrs. Fleury, Rodriguez and Lyons explained blockchain, including cryptocurrency.

Marc Fleury, Creator of JBoss, Inc (acquired by RedHat in 2006) 

Peter Lyons, CIO, Atomic Capital


APRIL 17, 2019

Asset Allocation & Investing

Mr. Slayton discussed how he thinks about strategic and tactical asset allocation, monitoring portfolio risks and developing a view on the global macro backdrop for longer-term investing.

Scott Slayton, Managing Director, University of Texas Investment Management Company


FEBURARY 28, 2019

Atlanta Real Estate

Jim Cumming, Founder, Trillium Management

Mr. Cumming discussed what has driven, and continues to drive, his decision making in regards to investing in Atlanta real estate.


FEBURARY 26, 2019

Commercialization of University Intellectual Property

Dr. Nugent discussed how and why the University of Alabama - Birmingham is bringing to market intellectual property developed at the University of Alabama - Birmingham.

Kathy Nugent, PhD, Executive Director, Institution of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The University of Alabama - Birmingham

Photo by Rebecca Noble


JANUARY 8, 2019

The fourth industrial revolution

Dr. Robbins discussed how new technologies are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and what the University of Arizona is doing to embrace and capitalize on these changes.

Dr. Robert Robbins, President, University of Arizona


NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Private equity investing by the State of Georgia and leading Georgia based corporations


Mr. Clement, Mr. Muir, and Mr. Patton shared how and why the State of Georgia and the leading Georgia corporations are investing in and with Georgia based private equity firms.

Dallas Clement, Executive Vice President and CFO, Cox Enterprises
Jeff Muir, board member, Invest Georgia

Blake Patton, fund managing partner, Engage Ventures


SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

"A good story is not the same as a good result."

David Scheible, Former Chairman and CEO, Graphic Packaging

Mr. Scheible shared how to instill accountability throughout an organization.


MARCH 26, 2018

"What is Amazon Logistics"

Mr. McLary shared what Amazon Logistics is and where it is going.

Michael McLary, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Amazon


JANUARY 11, 2018 & DECEMBER 14, 2017

"The Greensky Credit Story" (pre-IPO)

Mr. Benjamin shared the history of GreenSky and highlighted trends in the dynamic world of fintech.

Gerry Benjamin, Vice Chairman, GreenSky, LLC (ticker: GSKY)


MARCH 1, 2017

"No crying, be helpful, go fast"

Mr. Clement shared his philosophy raising four girls and how he applies those lessons learned to managing Cox's $20B business.

Dallas Clement, Executive Vice President and CFO, Cox Enterprises

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